Most BlackJack players play every situation the same. They will follow "The Book" and double down on eleven facing anything, always split Aces, never split Tens, maybe they play each 13 or 14 facing an 18 the same way every time. How good is the strategy we're all using really? What if you could test it and simulate a lifetime of bets in seconds?

I have created a program called BlackJack Simulator. Here is how it works:

  1.  Choose how many bets you want to simulate, anything under 100,000 happens instantly, 1,000,000 will take about 20 seconds.
  2.  Choose how much starting cash you want.
  3.  Choose how much you will bet per hand.
  4.  Click "Shuffle" and the programs logic will take over choosing the by "The Book" strategy until your number of hands is over or until you are out of money.

Then you can add your specific strategy. How will you handle each "hard value," each type of double, and each "soft value?"

Right now the program only works on Windows. I apologize for those unable to use the program right now and I assure you I am working on bringing it to other platforms.

If you would like to download it as an executable file click "Download" at the bottom of the page.

If you are running Internet Explorer click and it will run as an XAML Browser Application. For this to work you must have added as a trusted website.

email me at with any questions or feedback